Thursday, December 29, 2011

Another Thing Finished!!!

Bye-Bye Thing 58!!! After starting the year thinking that I could reach such a lofty goal as a 100 Book Pledge, I finally finished Book 50 of my 50 Book Pledge this morning!! Thank goodness! :) I ended the year with a final page count of 16,731 - not too shabby!

Overall, I definitely reread less books this year than I normally do - the only rereads on my list were Twilight, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Accidental Mother, Northanger Abbey, Something Borrowed & Something Blue. That is really quite shocking for me, as I am usually the Queen of Rereading!
I also only read 3 Nora Roberts books this year - how about that one!!
I started off the year reading quite a bit of teen fiction still - and they were some of my favourites - Before I Fall & Delirium were definitely in my Top 5 of the year - I recommend both books to all of my readers!
There are a handful of books that I can't remember what they were about - The Beautiful Between, After & Mommy By Mistake... not sure if I own them or borrowed them from the library either!
My book club books definitely add some "meat" to my yearly reading - House Rules, Gods Behaving Badly, The Help, A Summer Affair, State of Wonder & The Night Circus. All are books I wouldn't have read on my own, and for the most part I enjoyed them all - the biggest duds of the year were probably my picks - Gods Behaving Badly, which was the most bizarre book I read this year, and The Distant Hours, which isn't even on my list because I am still trying to finish it!! Oops!
To see my entire list, click the link at the top of my blog's homepage for the Google Doc version of my list.

I'm hoping to continue tracking the books I read next year as well, if for nothing else than to try and beat my page count & # of books read! Thanks to Janey Canuck for motivating me to complete the 50 Book Pledge, and to all my encouraging followers from Twitter & Inspire Hamilton Book Club :)

Katy's Top 5 Books of 2011
1. Before I Fall
2. The Forgotten Garden
3. Delirium
4. When Harry Met Molly
5. Sweet Valley Confidential

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Keeping the Blog Wheels Turning...

Well, I went back to the old blog for a post this AM. Had some things to say that felt too personal to share on here. I really want to try and keep the focus on this blog on my 101 Things List and on being positive. So here goes nothing!
I found this website online last night - Yogaglo - where for $18/month you can take unlimited yoga classes through your computer. They have a 2 week trial you can do for free, so I might try and attempt this. I want to be able to incorporate yoga into my life, and that is certainly less expensive than any yoga studio or gym that I have found in the Hamilton-Burlington area. We'll see how it goes!
To attempt to save money during the Christmas season, I am going to attempt making Christmas cookies again, like I did a few years ago. Hopefully I can do it fairly inexpensively, and it will help with visiting friends and family through the holiday season, without feeling like I'm too broke to bring a gift along. I know that I have Thing 20 - Give only homemade gifts for Christmas one year, on my list. I have struggled with this one, as I am not very crafty or artistically inclined, so I am going to change the wording of it somehow to suit my intentions, which were to save money and be a little less materialistic.
That's all really for now, just a few quick thoughts to keep the blog wheels turning! :)
Until next time...