Sunday, December 04, 2011

Keeping the Blog Wheels Turning...

Well, I went back to the old blog for a post this AM. Had some things to say that felt too personal to share on here. I really want to try and keep the focus on this blog on my 101 Things List and on being positive. So here goes nothing!
I found this website online last night - Yogaglo - where for $18/month you can take unlimited yoga classes through your computer. They have a 2 week trial you can do for free, so I might try and attempt this. I want to be able to incorporate yoga into my life, and that is certainly less expensive than any yoga studio or gym that I have found in the Hamilton-Burlington area. We'll see how it goes!
To attempt to save money during the Christmas season, I am going to attempt making Christmas cookies again, like I did a few years ago. Hopefully I can do it fairly inexpensively, and it will help with visiting friends and family through the holiday season, without feeling like I'm too broke to bring a gift along. I know that I have Thing 20 - Give only homemade gifts for Christmas one year, on my list. I have struggled with this one, as I am not very crafty or artistically inclined, so I am going to change the wording of it somehow to suit my intentions, which were to save money and be a little less materialistic.
That's all really for now, just a few quick thoughts to keep the blog wheels turning! :)
Until next time...

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  1. Check out squawkfox (just google it, it should come right up) - she has some great ideas for inexpensive "gifts in a jar" that look super cute. Some are recipes (like soup in a jar) and some are things you can do on the cheap (like garden in a jar). I think you could still classify those as "homemade."