Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thing 26 - Buy a pair of Stiletto Heels and Wear Them

So - I am ashamed to say that I let a very important aspect of femininity escape my grasp over the last 7 or 8 years. Wearing heels. Considering I am about 5"2, this is slightly strange to most people. I tend to fall or trip a lot though, and clumsy is my middle name, so wearing heels just seemed to be asking for trouble!
I'm not even sure why I picked this Thing, because I didn't really have a burning desire to wear heels when I started my list. Over the summer though, I got a lot of hassle about my lack of heeled shoes from Laura. And I may have started to realize just how well a good pair of shoes can make your outfit. I also might have become a little jealous about all the shoes that everyone else was wearing as I wandered around in my little flip-flops. So, last month I went shopping with my Aunt T, and invested in some fabulous heels. I'm proud to say that I now own 6 pairs of heeled shoes, and have even worn heels to work 4 of the last 5 work days! Without falling!!
Only one of the pairs of heels are stilettos. They are absolutely fabulous, and I fell in love with them when I saw them!
I haven't worn the stilettos yet, but I am going to be working them in over the next few months, and plan to ring in my 30th bday wearing them.
Check these babies out:

Thing 6 - Reach Goal Weight

This Thing is probably the most important me to right now. I gained a lot of extra weight over the last 6 years, and have been pretty unhappy about it for a long time. Taking the bull by the horns in April, I really started to put this Thing into focus, working out at the gym more, watching what I eat, eliminating most carbs, and starting the Dukan Diet last week.
In April I weighed about 170lbs. Today I am happy to say I weigh around 149lbs. The change in my body has been dramatic, the change in my own well-being, even more so. I'm not sure if there is anything that can give a person such a great sense of confidence, than taking control of your own body image.
I have dropped 2 pant sizes, and am able to wear clothes that I haven't fit into for at least 3 years. I get compliments almost daily from co-workers and acquaintances about how good I am looking. It is such a confidence boost, and it is really motivating!
My goal is to reach the mid-120's by my 30th birthday in January. I have been so busy with the school year over the last few weeks that I haven't been able to make it to the gym, so I have upped my dieting plans. I started the Dukan Diet this week, and have so far been happy with it. I like that it incorporates maintenance into the program, so that you are able to add everything back into your diet at the end of the program. It is similar to what I was doing on my own, except that I am not supposed to eat fruit while I am on it. This has been the biggest challenge for me, and I'm not sure I will stick to it for the next 2 months, but we shall see. I also have adjusted the diet for myself a bit. I put chia seeds into my oat bran pancakes, because I need the extra fibre in my diet. I also have been eating chickpeas and other beans for the same reason.
You can see my initial start with Thing 6 here:
I haven't really updated it because I have been doing well without the accountability so far. If that changes you will see me utilize that page again.

Thing 58 - Complete my 50 Book Pledge

This Thing is something I started before the blog. Influenced by one of my favourite muses, Janey Canuck (the inspiration behind this very blog), I have been documenting the books I have read in 2011 with an Excel Spreadsheet. So far I have read 46 books, and am working on Book 47 for this month's book club. I did very well in the first 5 months of the year, reading about 36 books, but slowed down considerably over the summer. I have been trying to branch out a bit this year with what books I am reading, and think I have been fairly successful. I am sitting at 15, 399 pages read so far this year, which I think it pretty amazing!!
Feel free to ask for any recommendations, I would be more than happy to share some with you!
You can view my spreadsheet from a link here:

This Thing will be completed when I reach my goal of 50 books read. I anticipate reaching the goal by the end of November.

Putting it all into Focus

Well, Blogger, I gotta say - I'm not a fan at this particular moment in time! Trying to type a blog post when the screen is so unbelievably tiny and hard to use is very frustrating! I must power through though, as my blog fan club is getting slight antsy about the lack of posts. While over the summer I put the blame on the lack of a regular internet connection, I'm actually starting to realize that my own list is sabotaging me!
That's right - one of my completed things, Thing 80 - Upgrade to a Smart phone, is actually trying to bring down my list. The thing is, I hardly ever even go on my laptop right now, unless I am working at the school or listening to music on iTunes. Oops!! I am also having a love-hate relationship with my new laptop. I love everything about it, but I HATE the keyboard. With a passion. The key set up is different and I hit the wrong keys all of the time, and it just works differently for some reason. I might need to get the Mavis Beacon going again, so I get more accustomed to it soon.
What's interesting about my 101 Things List is that I actually feel like some of the things on it aren't really things I want to do anymore. I did a lot of growing this summer, and changing, in some ways anyways, and I really feel like I don't connect with some of the things on my list anymore. You might see some updating as this year progresses, and I try to adapt and fill in some of the blanks. I am giving myself until Dec. 31, 2011 to make any changes to it that I feel I need to, and then I will try my hardest to stay committed to the list until the end of the 1001 Days from that point.
I also am going to start on those long promised posts that actually describe my things in detail. I have been thinking about them alot, and feel like they will help my blog be a little more organized. I have been given some pointers about doing all of the linking with posts, and how to connect them. I have forgotten it all and hope to get Janey Canuck to help me a bit after she is back from her world travelling adventures soon!!
Thank you to everyone who posted on my last blog post about wanting a dog. I haven't taken it off the table at this point, but it was definitely the reality check that I needed before I jumped into it hook, line and sinker! I sometimes leap before I look, and the choice to have a dog requires slightly more planning and consideration than that!
I think over the next few months you will see this blog become a bit of a hybrid - hopefully you like the personal posts that I have been making, and you will see more of the 101 things list-specific posts as well. I like having the outlet of a blog to write about what is bothering me, or what I'm worrying about at any particular time. I also like to share what is happening with me, with my friends who I don't get to talk to day-to-day anymore. I haven't forgotten the purpose of this blog though, and I am still committed to finishing my list in the best way possible!
Until next time~

Monday, September 05, 2011

Unconditional Love

I can't believe that the new school year starts in less than 12 hours! The last week and a half has been a flurry of planning, moving, organizing and trying to get a few last summer fun events in. I'm exhausted!
I am writing this post from my very own internet connection, which is highly exciting - I can't believe it took over a month for my internet and cable to get set up here! Count on more regular blog posts from this point forward.
I haven't had a chance to assess my 101 Things list for a while, so a true update is still going to have to take place at a later date, but I can tell you that my goals of live music every month, and sitting on a patio every week for the months of June, July & August were easily reached. :)
I did not walk the Bayfront path as many times as I wanted to this year, nor did I see enough waterfalls to satisfy that Thing, but I still have a month or two (hopefully) until the snow falls, so there is still a chance that I can get caught up.
I am starting full-time at the school tomorrow, and I am both nervous and excited! I have a lot of great ideas that I hope I get to put into action this year, and I am looking forward to helping my students gain more independence in their academic endeavours.
I had been planning to attempt my Thing of Lights out by 10:30pm for a week this week, but I might try for next week instead. That IS a full week after all...
Something I realized over the last few weeks of the summer is that I am really in need of giving and receiving some unconditional love and companionship. I have been lucky enough to make some amazing friendships this summer and over the years, but almost all of my friends have their own families or spouses to love to. I'm not saying that I'm going out to start pursuing a husband hunt or anything, but I do feel like I need someone/something else to love.
I'm thinking about getting a dog.
Stop laughing.
I know I spent many years terrified of dogs, and I'm not really an animal person at all, but seriously, wouldn't having a dog be great? Am I losing my mind?
It's not like I'm going out to get one any time soon, but I am thinking about the possibility. Cats aren't cuddly or nice enough. Goldfish die. Hamsters scare me. Birds creep me out.
How about a dog?
Yup, I'm losing my mind.
On that note, think it's time to hit the hay.
Somebody talk some sense into me, OK?
~Until next time...