Monday, April 09, 2012

Slow but Steady...

Well, I keep making some progress on my 50 Book Pledge, so at least I feel like I am accomplishing something from this list! Up to 14 books read now, not too shabby for only being 3 1/2 months into the year :)
I just went through and read some of my first blog posts from when I started this blog last year, to hopefully give me some motivation! I definitely need to get my diet back on track - so long carbs & sugars again - it's always fun, but definitely not necessary!! I added one more activity to my A-Z Challenge as well - Aquafit!! I went to my first class of it last week and it was pretty fun! I also felt like it engaged my core, which is a tough thing for me to do when working out, so that was pretty inspiring. Hopefully I can keep going back to classes regularly! I don't have much else to say for the moment, I am feeling pretty tired still, but I am only 5 days in to my vacation, and this was the first day I actually got to sleep in! The week ahead is looking fun, but busy - hopefully I get to squeeze a couple of fun activities from my list into my plans as well!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Almost 365 Days In...

So, my first month of Thing 10 has not gone well. In fact, it passed by without a single post! I really don't use my laptop at all outside of work, so the nights of sitting on it, with blogger open and ready to go, do not come often!
I have also spent the last month feeling extremely exhausted. :( I have my Passover holiday starting later this week for 10 days, and it can not come soon enough! I'm hoping, like last year's break, it will be a time of rejuvenation and renewal. That is when I started this blog & challenge, and it really set my life off on a new and exciting path :)
I have updated 2 of my things on here - Thing #69 - I added my weekend trip to Quebec to meet the "Q" part of the challenge, and I have read quite a bit this month as well, so I'm up to 11 books read in my Thing 90 - 50 Book Pledge for 2012.
That's all for now, but I'm hoping for some progress on a few things over my holidays, so stay tuned!