Sunday, September 18, 2011

Putting it all into Focus

Well, Blogger, I gotta say - I'm not a fan at this particular moment in time! Trying to type a blog post when the screen is so unbelievably tiny and hard to use is very frustrating! I must power through though, as my blog fan club is getting slight antsy about the lack of posts. While over the summer I put the blame on the lack of a regular internet connection, I'm actually starting to realize that my own list is sabotaging me!
That's right - one of my completed things, Thing 80 - Upgrade to a Smart phone, is actually trying to bring down my list. The thing is, I hardly ever even go on my laptop right now, unless I am working at the school or listening to music on iTunes. Oops!! I am also having a love-hate relationship with my new laptop. I love everything about it, but I HATE the keyboard. With a passion. The key set up is different and I hit the wrong keys all of the time, and it just works differently for some reason. I might need to get the Mavis Beacon going again, so I get more accustomed to it soon.
What's interesting about my 101 Things List is that I actually feel like some of the things on it aren't really things I want to do anymore. I did a lot of growing this summer, and changing, in some ways anyways, and I really feel like I don't connect with some of the things on my list anymore. You might see some updating as this year progresses, and I try to adapt and fill in some of the blanks. I am giving myself until Dec. 31, 2011 to make any changes to it that I feel I need to, and then I will try my hardest to stay committed to the list until the end of the 1001 Days from that point.
I also am going to start on those long promised posts that actually describe my things in detail. I have been thinking about them alot, and feel like they will help my blog be a little more organized. I have been given some pointers about doing all of the linking with posts, and how to connect them. I have forgotten it all and hope to get Janey Canuck to help me a bit after she is back from her world travelling adventures soon!!
Thank you to everyone who posted on my last blog post about wanting a dog. I haven't taken it off the table at this point, but it was definitely the reality check that I needed before I jumped into it hook, line and sinker! I sometimes leap before I look, and the choice to have a dog requires slightly more planning and consideration than that!
I think over the next few months you will see this blog become a bit of a hybrid - hopefully you like the personal posts that I have been making, and you will see more of the 101 things list-specific posts as well. I like having the outlet of a blog to write about what is bothering me, or what I'm worrying about at any particular time. I also like to share what is happening with me, with my friends who I don't get to talk to day-to-day anymore. I haven't forgotten the purpose of this blog though, and I am still committed to finishing my list in the best way possible!
Until next time~


  1. Yay! A blog post! Go, Katy, GO!

  2. Yeah, I found when I got my iPhone, I used the computer less, too. But that's probably a good thing because I think I was spending too much time on it :P

    Anyway... I agree-ish about the changing of some of your items on your list. I've given myself up to 5 changes between now and my end date for things that just don't make sense anymore. I'm not sure you should feel like you have to keep your list static after December 31 - if something just doesn't make sense anymore, you shouldn't do it just for the sake of doing it. If you've already changed a lot this summer, who is to say that you won't keep changing next year and the year after? Part of the point of the list is personal growth so you should be reconsidering things. Something to ponder.