Monday, September 05, 2011

Unconditional Love

I can't believe that the new school year starts in less than 12 hours! The last week and a half has been a flurry of planning, moving, organizing and trying to get a few last summer fun events in. I'm exhausted!
I am writing this post from my very own internet connection, which is highly exciting - I can't believe it took over a month for my internet and cable to get set up here! Count on more regular blog posts from this point forward.
I haven't had a chance to assess my 101 Things list for a while, so a true update is still going to have to take place at a later date, but I can tell you that my goals of live music every month, and sitting on a patio every week for the months of June, July & August were easily reached. :)
I did not walk the Bayfront path as many times as I wanted to this year, nor did I see enough waterfalls to satisfy that Thing, but I still have a month or two (hopefully) until the snow falls, so there is still a chance that I can get caught up.
I am starting full-time at the school tomorrow, and I am both nervous and excited! I have a lot of great ideas that I hope I get to put into action this year, and I am looking forward to helping my students gain more independence in their academic endeavours.
I had been planning to attempt my Thing of Lights out by 10:30pm for a week this week, but I might try for next week instead. That IS a full week after all...
Something I realized over the last few weeks of the summer is that I am really in need of giving and receiving some unconditional love and companionship. I have been lucky enough to make some amazing friendships this summer and over the years, but almost all of my friends have their own families or spouses to love to. I'm not saying that I'm going out to start pursuing a husband hunt or anything, but I do feel like I need someone/something else to love.
I'm thinking about getting a dog.
Stop laughing.
I know I spent many years terrified of dogs, and I'm not really an animal person at all, but seriously, wouldn't having a dog be great? Am I losing my mind?
It's not like I'm going out to get one any time soon, but I am thinking about the possibility. Cats aren't cuddly or nice enough. Goldfish die. Hamsters scare me. Birds creep me out.
How about a dog?
Yup, I'm losing my mind.
On that note, think it's time to hit the hay.
Somebody talk some sense into me, OK?
~Until next time...


  1. Your lifestyle will change completely if you get a dog.

    First - they are really expensive in their first year with all the shots they need and getting them spayed/neutered and microchipped and any obedience training you do with them not to mention a crate/bed, bowls, collar, leash, brush, toys, etc.

    Second - they need you to take them out and feed them so "yeah, let's grab a drink after work" turns into "I have to run home and let the dog out first" or "I can't have another, I need to get home and feed the dog" - and this doesn't change as they get older, they can't feed themselves or take themselves on a walk no matter how old they are

    Third - they need lots of exercise, especially when they are puppies so you'll need to get up earlier to go for a morning walk and find a time for an evening walk (though, if you get a really lazy dog, this might not be the case - Penny is pretty active)

    Fourth - sometimes they destroy stuff with chewing & scratching and drive you nuts when they want to play when you get home and all you want to do is just sit on the sofa for a half hour and relax

    Fifth - don't forget the ongoing costs of food, treats, trips to the vet for annual vaccines, dog licence, flea & heartworm prevention, etc.

    All that being said, I can't imagine life without Penny. Kevin made a comment a couple of months ago about her being dead in 15 years and it made me cry. Yeah, she can be a pain & she adds another layer of complication in making plans but she does the funniest stuff & she is so affectionate.

    If you are seriously considering the dog thing, take Penny for a couple of days for a test run.

    Oh, and totally apply to be on Pick a Puppy (

    PS - Happy back-to-school :)

  2. I was going to say they're pretty expensive (a lot more so than a cat - or 3), but I think Colleen's list says a lot more than that! Our cats are needy little buggers, but they don't need near as much!
    I would love a dog myself, but definitely not in the right place in life for everything they need!

  3. Happy back to school! I hope the kidlets are nice to you.

    I'm with Michelle and Colleen. Dogs need a lot of attention, especially while they're puppies. Also, the other day I was out shopping with my friend Laurie, and she needed to pick up dog food. $75.00, once every two weeks, for someone who does not do their share of chores around the house, unless you count clogging up your vacuum.

    Maybe I'm just a cheapskate, but $75 is a lot of nice nail polish. :P

  4. Love you girls!!! Definitely don't think I am fully ready for that commitment, but I am thinking about it. I just feel like I need a little something extra in my life! Maybe Penny can come visit sometime Colleen :)
    I had a student tell me 3 times this week that I should get a dog - not sure what that was all about, but maybe the universe is nudging me in that direction at some point...