Monday, June 06, 2011

Time, where did you go?

Just a quick little update today, because I just don't have the time for more!
The last few weeks have been very busy - the school year is coming to a close, which means report card writing is the weight hanging over my head at the moment, and I have been using whatever spare time I have to get to the gym everyday. I started going in the mornings last week, before work, and I love it! Didn't make it this morning as I'm getting some work done that didn't happen over the weekend (oops!), but hope to keep it up so my progress on Thing 6 - Reach Goal Weight, can continue! :)
I am pretty sure I will have TONS of time to update regularly over the summer, so I'm not too worried.
I have managed to get a few Things started, and worked on, despite being busy!
One big thing I am planning to do is to accomplish Thing 45 - Fly somewhere with only carry on luggage (!), when I go to Calgary this summer. Think I can travel that lightly for 9 days?! (Neither do I at the moment...) Any tips you have for this would be great!
I am also planning for Thing 31 - Wear only dresses for a week & Thing 80 - Upgrade to a smartphone, to happen in the near future.
Expect a longer and more detailed update to follow later this week when report cards are finished. 


  1. Packing for 9 days in the summer with only a carry on? Piece of cake. Here's your packing list:
    Two pairs of shoes - one pair on your feet on the plane and one pair packed that can go casual or a bit more dressy (think ballet flats), you can be permitted a third pair if a. they are small and b. you are going to be doing a LOT of walking
    One sweater or jacket, which you will wear on the plane (I will permit both but neither can be packed)
    Ditto for a pair of pants
    Underwear & bras for the duration (be strategic - thongs take up less room)
    T-shirts - no more than 6 total, combination of long- & short-sleeved, this includes the one you wear on the plane
    Bottoms - 3 sets as a combination of shorts/capris and skirts
    One light dress permitted if, and only if, you know there will be a need for a dressy outfit
    Toiletries in travel containers - shampoo, conditioner, face lotion, body wash, the least amount of make-up you feel comfortable with (i.e. not the full kit & caboodle, just a few items), face wash, deodorant, toothbrush & toothpaste, disposable razor, your contacts stuff, required medications, one hair product, one hair brush, and a travel size hair dryer ONLY if you have to
    Your Kobo and an iPod

    Stick to colours that all combine well with each other and you'll have no problem. Choose lighter materials (denim is bulky) and stuff that you can roll tightly. Layer for the plane trip and wear jewellery that will go with everything so that you don't have to take any with you.

    Call me when you're ready to pack. I can get you packed with nothing but a carry-on with no problem.

  2. I would like to book you for the afternoon of Sunday July 3rd to help me pack, please!! That is the biggest help ever!!

  3. Also - bring a GIANT purse. Carry on + giant purse = no checked baggage :)