Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy July!

Happy July!
I think we all need to celebrate that it is July right now, because really, as Canadians, summer goes by so fast!
As I look outside right now, all I can see it blue sky & sunshine - how lovely! Unfortunately, all I can hear are these damn birds that wake me up every morning! Why am I awake and blogging at 7am? Beats the heck out of me! For some reason, I am unable to relax and sleep in at my own apartment now. Not sure why this happened, but it is stressing me out! I am tired!!
Not that I have any shortage of things to do today. I need to finish packing for Calgary, and I need to tidy up my apartment in case my landlord decides to show my apartment while I am away. I am both happy and sad to report that I will be relocating to a new apartment in August. While I love my place right now, there are some things I don't love, such as the price, the multiple flights of stairs, and the stifling heat year round. My new place is smaller, has much less character, but will be cooler and costs a lot less. As a bonus I can walk to work (as in, I literally have no excuse not to, because it is so close even I could throw a stone and reach the school!).
I'm looking forward to seeing my Calgary family in less than 24 hours!! I am hoping to figure out either one Thing to do off of my list while I am in Calgary, or thinking of something to add that I can achieve while I am there!
I had hoped that Thing 45 - Travel somewhere with only carry-on luggage was going to be achieved, but I realized over the past week that my suitcase is not compatible with that Thing. It weighs too much, and doesn't really have a good packing space. I can barely pack it to go home for 1 night without it filling up! I had hope to find a hard-shelled suitcase to bring, as they use their space much better, but my Mom is leaving for California pretty much right as I return, so that took that idea out of the equation! I looked around a bit for a new suitcase, but it just didn't fit into the budget this month. I'm not too worried - I am definitely not overpacking for my trip, and I still have plenty of time to achieve this goal (and a good excuse for a fun weekend trip somewhere - Vegas anyone??)
One Thing I am hoping to start working on in the next little while is to write up a little explanation and outline of each thing for the blog. Sadly, I can't the blog to work properly on my blackberry - clearly blogger has Android-loyalty, so I will be doing so through my journal. Whatever I manage to write up I will either scan and post when I'm home, or type up in the future. I think this will be a good exercise, because I am forgetting some of the things on my list, and having trouble keeping track of the things I decided I would do monthly/weekly, etc.
A few Things I accomplished in June included: Thing 49 - See 1 live music event a month, Thing 75 - Sit on a patio at least once a week for the months of June, July & August, Thing 99 - Personal & Thing 88 - Walk the Bayfront path 30 times
For the live music, I actually made it to 2 events - one was a 90s grunge-era band that was playing at bar in TO for NXNE while I visited Holly & one was my Dad's band - the Blues Daddies - when they played at Bluesfest in Stratford. I went home for the sole purpose of seeing the show, and I wasn't disappointed! 
The Blues Daddies always put on a good show, and I now have a new mission - find a cooler hat for my Dad to wear during their gigs! (My Dad is just thrilled about this goal! haha).
Over the month of June I managed to sit on patios (or backyards) at Holly's, Laura's, Jack Astor's, my Aunt Linda's, Aunt Theresa's & a few other assorted locations that would just take too long to explain! Needless to say, my goal of sitting out and enjoying the weather this summer has been reached so far, and hopefully it continues!! I also managed to get in another jaunt down the Bayfront path with Lyn & Kayla last week - which brings the count to 2/30 times. As for Thing 99, well, wouldn't you like to know? Some things have to be a little mysterious, right?!

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  1. 99 is buying presents for all your followers, isn't it?

    Congrats on the new apartment - yes, your place is adorable but there's a lot to be said for not getting heat exhaustion just walking around in your own house.

    Have a great time in Calgary. I have a hard case, I didn't realize you were looking for one, you could have borrowed mine. There's still time if you want to meet up today & grab it!!

  2. How did you know?! ;)
    Thanks hun! I didn't really realize until last week that the actual suitcase was the thing hindering my plans, unfortunately I don't have time to meet today!! Next time! :)

  3. Have a great time in Calgary Kate Kate!
    Excited about your new place! As much as it might suck to move and leave your place, moving is always so much fun! New adventures ;) Not having to drive to work would be AMAZING too!