Monday, June 04, 2012

No Horoscope Zone

So, at some point during January I started to realize how much I was letting my horoscope dictate my life. It sounds pretty ridiculous, but whenever I was reading my Astrology Zone monthly horoscope, I would start to get stressed out any time it referred to relationship trouble, bad days to travel on, Mercury in retrograde, career troubles... you name it, I stressed about it.
Stress comes pretty naturally for me... but when you start to fear upcoming dates because your horoscope said to watch out, it gets a little ridiculous.
Oh, did I mention that on top of the huge monthly horoscope, I was reading FIVE different daily horoscopes?!?!
So I quietly went on a detox. No horoscopes, at any time.
Of course, sometimes I slipped - like for my year ahead horoscope on my birthday. It must have been memorable, seeing as I can't remember it at all. Maybe I didn't read it after all...I could be stronger than I think!
One month, maybe March, I browsed through Astrology Zone, but stopped when I started getting anxious. This month, after Susan Miller tweeted that June was a good month for Aquarians, I took a deep breath and read it all. So far, so good.
Still no daily horoscopes though.. I am way to susceptible to suggestions from other people...
I'm not sure how long I'll be detoxing myself. Maybe until I feel a little more confident in the anxiety department.
It feels strange not reading my horoscope, but there are already so many things to consider and weigh and worry about in life, sometimes you have to take control over what you actually have the ability to take control of!
Yes, I'm an Aquarius with Gemini Rising, and I believe full moons make everyone (especially kids) a little unhinged, and eclipses like to throw dodgeballs at you when you aren't looking, but so do a lot of things in life...
Do you read your horoscope everyday?

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  1. Not since high school, and that was mostly just to see if it *could* be right ;)

    Think it's good to detox that. If you think it could happen, it most likely will because you will make it happen (even if it's just in your mind!). Life is supposed to be a surprise anyway!