Sunday, June 03, 2012


I promise you, dear readers (if you're still out there), that I write blog posts every other day in my head... If only I could mentally type them and post them here as well!!
It's been another 2 months since I last blogged... Yup, I suck.
Moving on...
I added a few more things to my A-Z Challenge, and I'm up to 23 books read in my 50 Book Pledge! Hoping to make it to 28 books by July. :)
I finally completed "Get Rid of 100 Things", and dropped off a box of 100+ things (I added more last week) to the back of Value Village - if you're shopping in Stoney Creek you might end up with some of my old things ;)
I also started to colour in a colouring book. Shocking confession: I'm not very good at staying in the lines..who knew?! (It's not as easy as it looks ;))

I'm off to live in report card land for the next week, but hopefully will get things accomplished this summer - provided things work out career-wise, I anticipate lots of my Things getting started & finished this summer!

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  1. Ha ha - I feel the same way about writing things out. I have it all in my head, but once I sit at a computer, it's all gone!

    Miss ya Kate Kate!