Sunday, July 08, 2012

The One Where You Hear the Shooting Star Story...

I'm a week into my summer "vacation", and so far have been able to cross 2 things off from my list. One, Thing 17, was from a few weeks ago - our school's end of year class trip was to Medieval Times. I'm not sure I had the most enjoyable experience going there with the school, as I spent most of the time walking students back and forth from the bathroom, but it was fun to experience, and I think will be a great place to visit with family in the future. Thing Done!
The next thing I accomplished was a complete fluke. I actually had gone back and forth changing this thing, Thing 57 on my list several times, from See a Shooting Star, to spend an evening star-gazing, to see a constellation other than the big dipper, lol! But on Friday night, after one of the more perfect days in my memory, I finally saw a shooting star!!
This story is one for the books IMO...
I've been going up north with JR every few weeks since we started going out. In the last 2 months, he's made it his mission to help me see a shooting star, since I haven't ever seen one before!
Unfortunately, the time when he decides to look up at the sky to find one is when I'm using the Outhouse before bed, and he's holding the door up, having his last cigarette of the night and facing away from! (It is very dark, especially now that the outdoor hydro has all been taken down - no way am I risking a night-time encounter with a live animal by myself ;))
So, for maybe 2 or 3 nights we've done this, I'll be finishing my business and he'll go "Holy shit! A shooting star! Did you see that?!" And I, of course, will say "No!!" So the last few times we've been up north, he's been given strict orders to stare straight ahead, and nowhere near the sky - it's only fair, right?
Well, Friday night he looked up. And so did I, mostly because he said "I'm finding you a shooting star!" And I said (or shrieked) something along the lines of "DON'T LOOK WITH OUT ME!!" And then it happened, right in front of both of our viewpoints, a shooting star flew through the sky, lighting a path as it went, and disappeared as quickly as it came. AND WE BOTH SAW IT!!! :D
It was the perfect ending to a perfect day!
So - as for the rest of my list - I'm hoping to complete my out-of-province road trip this summer - hoping to camp my way to New Jersey where I'll eat at the Soul Kitchen and hopefully touch Jon Bon Jovi ;) That would knock 3 things off my list, so cross your fingers folks ;)
I'm also hoping to go zorbing or treetop trekking for my A-Z List if funds permit, and hopefully squeeze in a waterfall walk or two!
The next few weeks will be busy with my move (yup, apparently I move every year!)*, but I'm hoping to keep progressing on my List, because the summer is the best time to get things done! Oh yeah, I even wrote a page of my novel. At this rate it might have the chance to be published in the year 2052, but it's something ;) I also changed Thing 48** to Only drink water and morning coffee for 4 days. I feel this is akin to drinking 8 glasses of water a day, without feeling like I am going to drown myself again.
Think that's all for now!
Until next time...

* Looking for moving helpers and volunteers, and painters too :) If interested, msg me - dates are July 15-19 - food and alcohol provided - Have I mentioned how much I love you? And how thin and beautiful you have been looking lately? ;)
** For the life of me, I can't remember my Things numbers...I apologize deeply with any mix-ups and incorrect cross-referencing - numbers ain't never been my thang ;)

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  1. If you need a reason to write my dear Katy (July, eh?), I was recently "nominated" for an "award" (basically a chainletter through blogs - ha!), so I have nominated you now too! Whua ha ha!