Thursday, May 16, 2013

Props to Carrot Top

Got your attention? Good ;)
Read on to see how Carrot Top has given me a little light at the end of a dark tunnel...
So...when I decided on Thing 99 being "Fall in love", I didn't think I'd end up broken-hearted before the 1001 days was out.
I have a hard time letting go; on the flip side, a close friend says I have a great strength to fight & hold on. It really depends on the situation. I need to work on it when it comes to men.
I could wax poetic here about why things didn't work out with him, how they should have, yada yada yada, but I like how this blog, when I'm actually writing for it, is mostly positive. So I'm going to try and keep it that way.
The silver lining of this situation is that it's given me time to focus on my job, where I have been doing really well, and my friends - I have really awesome friends - thank god. Special shout-outs to Janey Canuck & her EDP for helping make a hard week go by with ease (& wine)...
As for Carrot Top, well...
My subconscious clearly thought I needed something to focus on (re: obsess over) over right now, and last weekend, after some crushing news, I experienced the most erotic dream of my life. Starring me & the King of Prop Comedy. Whom I really haven't thought about since my school girls days of watching Regis & Kathie Lee way back when. Whom I can' t stop thinking about now.
The dream was that good.
So clearly, when not moping over love lost, I've spent that last few days googling Carrot Top, watching youtube videos of him & planning a trip to Vegas (and how to finance it). Cause clearly, that's what anyone else in this situation would do...right?

Until next time...
keep dreaming ;)

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