Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day Four

I haven't been as on top of blogging as I had hoped I would be to start off this challenge. I think I neglected to take into account the fact that I was going to feel completely exhausted after 3 1/2 months of work with no break. After blogging on Day One, I worked a little more on ideas for my list, and how to achieve them, then gladly escaped to my Aunt's to watch some movies. Day Two consisted of running errands in crappy Canadian Spring weather (bad day for driving on the QEW), then coming home to crash for 3 hours on the couch, even after 8+ hours of sleep the two nights before. After the mid-day nap I tried to accomplish a few things around my apartment, but mostly just created huge messes and almost broke my bed frame trying to rearrange my room.
Thankfully I picked up a measuring tape at the dollar store, so now I can measure before attempting to move things around again!
Day Three, happily, was much more productive & I accomplished a lot. To start with, I had a personal consultation at Good Life, that I won off of Facebook for "Liking" a contest to win a free membership for a year.  This put Thing #6 - Reach goal weight (130 lbs) into gear. My personal consultation consisted of setting fitness goals, discussing how to get there, deciding why I was there, etc. It clearly was constructed to lead into  personal training sessions, which I definitely cannot afford right now. I was upfront with my consultant, Alana, and she was more than willing to help me regardless. I shared my hopes that I could reach my goal weight by my 30th birthday in January, and she agreed that it was an achievable goal (yay!). As a follow-up, she set up an appt. with me for this morning to get me started with an actual work-out plan, and she is writing down a 12-month workout outline for me plan around. All for free. Colour me happy!
So that is where I am heading after this blog entry. For now, my goal is to work out 3 days a week, and try to hit up 1 or 2 classes on the other days. They just started a straight Yoga class at that club once a week, so I am hoping to start going next week, which will help out Thing #34 - Learn enough yoga to be able to do it at home on my own.
I also started creating one of my giant to-do lists for Thing #54 - Create a list & actually cross everything off of it when it gets done. I put simple and difficult things on the list, so that I accomplish some of my other goals in the process, that I had planned specifically for this two week break.

Here's a picture of my list:

As you can see, I left myself a little room to add more things, and I have already crossed several things off. I think by the end of today I will be able to cross off 3 or 4 more things as well. :)
One thing I will be able to cross off (hopefully) by the end of today, is organize steel shelf. As you can see below, I got a good start on it today, finally using the bins I bought from the dollar store 2 months ago for my food storage.  

I think I am going to go pick up 1 more big bin, because the 2 little ones aren't really working. I will save them for whatever else I decide to put the shelf. The bottom shelf happily has my board games out for display finally. As you can see, I still have lots of other things to organize around the shelf, I'm hoping to have that all done by Thursday night. I can't wait until this part of my apt. is all organized, it's been stressing me out so much since Christmas, because I had planned to do it all then, and never got around to it. Once all of this is done, I will have completed Thing #74 - Finish unpacking and organizing all of my papers. Because, seriously, 80% of what is in those boxes and bins is all papers. 
Before bed last night, I started on Thing #70 - Donate 1,000,000,000 grains of rice - by registering on www.freerice.com and so far I have donated about 500 grains. Considering the amount of time I waste on the internet, I think it will feel good to complete this, and I actually think I might use it in the classroom for my students - what an inspiring way to help others! Thank you to Janey Canuck for including this on her list, so I found out about it!!!
I also started on Thing #57 - Watch the entire series of Angel & Firefly to complete my Joss Whedon fan experience by starting Season 1 of Angel on a DVD set I borrowed from the library. Unfortunately it skipped a lot through the first 3 episodes I had on as I was cleaning, which was disappointing. But my friend Paula lent me her netflix membership so I can continue watching the entire series on there, which is so awesome - Thank you Paula!!
OK, I think that is a good round-up of the things I have started so far - I guess in retrospect, I have accomplished a lot so far in my 101 things challenge. I didn't give myself a lot of easy or fast things to accomplish, so I think I need to be a little more forgiving with myself when it feels like i haven't gotten very far!
Keep sending me your ideas to fill out the rest of my list - Holly sent me one yesterday that I'm not entirely sold on, but I am thinking about it, so we shall see!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. HAH! I'm glad you're considering my idea! It's the only thing I'm personally working on in my life right now...that...and cutting my daily breakfast portion in half. :)

  2. PS. Try the body pump classes at Goodlife. The girls I work with rave about it, and it's a GREAT way to get in strength training - more motivating with a group of people. I've learned from Booty Camp that you definitely need to include lots of weights, etc into your work out - it burns fat...cardio burns calories. I'm sure you got the big speech from Alana yesterday, but for me it didn't really sink in until I saw results! I've got pipes!

  3. Wow, do you eat a really big breakfast normally? I couldn't imagine cutting mine in half - Usually it's just a banana!! haha
    I have heard that Body Pump is really good, but when I asked about classes, Alana said to stay away from BodyPump so we'll see..