Saturday, April 23, 2011

Well, I'd say Week One was a success, wouldn't you?!

Well, Week One has come to an end, and I have actually completed something off of my list! I actually, honestly, can't even believe how much I did accomplish this week - I am well on my way to finishing several other Things as well! Here's the official update:

Finished: Thing 74 - Finish unpacking and organizing all of my personal papers
I actually went above and beyond with this one, because I finished unpacking in general! Honestly, I feel like I am in shock a little, because I actually completed this goal. The pile in the corner of my apartment has stressed me out for the 8 months that I've lived here, and for the year before that as well. To have it done still has me in disbelief.

To review: I went from this:

And moved along to this:

Which really was an achievement in and of itself! But, I wasn't done, as I still have my Everest to climb:

It seriously makes me sick to even look at it! But, I barreled through, and 4 long hours later, I finally ended up with this:

Everybody together now...Ahhh..... :) It's an awful photo, proving once again that I really need to get moving on Thing 80 - Upgrade to a Smartphone. But if you look closely, you'll see my budget calendar, my "Needs to be Paid or Filed" bin, that lovely pink box holds my desk supplies, and the filing cabinet is all organized and filed. Yayayayayayaya!!!!

In Progress: Thing 9 - Get Rid of 101 Things

I have 30 things to get rid of so far. I think the rest will be covered by sorting through my school stuff, and when I switch over my winter/spring clothes. My wardrobe definitely needs to be sorted through as I only wear about 30% of what I own! Will update on this further when I have finished - and have things to give away!

In Progress: Thing 29 - Phone 1 extended family member a week to keep in touch

I phoned my Nonna & my Aunt this week, actually, entirely unrelated to the list, just to catch up with them, but I was happy to realize I got this started! I need to get started on Thing 21 - Call a friend once a week soon as well, next week! :)

In Progress: 32. Colour in an entire colouring book

I haven't started the colouring, but look what I found:

Sorry, but I can't figure out how to rotate it! If you look closely, you'll see the "Bi-Way - $1.99" price tag is still on it! haha - I've had this since I was about 10. Kept it with babysitting stuff, teaching stuff - apparently kids don't want to colour in anything Barbie anymore! There are about 4 finished pages in it to start with, but since there are about 150 more to go, I'm gonna let that slide. Unless, of course, anyone can find me a Buffy or Bon Jovi colouring book? ;)

In Progress: Thing 54 - Create a list & actually cross everything off of it when it gets done

I forgot to take a pic of the list at this point, but trust me when I say it is about halfway there! Mostly what's left are things that needed to wait until I went home, or the actual "cleaning" of my apartment that I decided to save for next week. I think I am on track to finish by next Saturday, will hopefully update this Thing with good news then :)

In Progress: Thing 57 - Watch the entire series of Angel & Firefly to complete my Joss Whedon fan experience
I finished the first Season of Angel this week during my organizing, and am 2 episodes into the second season. Sadly, the crossover events with Buffy that actually feature Buffy are over now, but there are still guest appearances by Willow ahead, and let's not forget Season 5 when Spike arrives! :) It's not as light-hearted as Buffy was in the beginning - it's very angst-y and I kind of wish Angel would just get over it, unfortunately I know that's not the case. It features a lot of flashbacks that I feel like I've already seen on Buffy as well, so hopefully that changes soon. Surprisingly, I'm actually starting to like Cordelia on the show, which I thought would take longer.

In Progress: Thing 61 - Take a pole dancing class

I'm excited to say that this is going to probably happen sooner rather than later! I found a wagjag that is offering a "Polekitten 101" course for only $29, and I found out my twitter friend @mssweetmarie is interested in taking it as well, so hopefully I have some fun updates on this Thing soon!

In Progress: Thing 86 - Keep a plant alive for 6 months (unrelated to Thing 64)

This is a new addition to the list, as I knew I wanted to find a hanging plant for my living area. (Not because of any plant-related needs, but because the hatch to the attic always flies up when the windows are open, and makes me think I live with ghosts, which I really don't need!!) Anyways, most plants that I have had die quickly and painlessly, but I've decided to try and keep this one alive! It's pretty odd-looking, but has character. Sadly, if you are taller than me it is in your direct walking path through my apartment, which isn't much of an issue at this point, but perhaps will become bigger in the future? ;)

Again, taken by my cell, so the greens, reds and yellows in the leaves really aren't given much justice here. As insurance, I think I might attempt to plant these wildflowers I got as a wedding favour several years ago - hopefully they will still grow!!

So that is all of my updates for the moment. As you'll see on my 101 Things List I have updated it to show which ones are in progress by bolding them, and I've crossed out my completed Thing as well. :)
To end with, I thought I'd share with you some pictures that I took of things I unearthed in my unpacking, and displayed to really show off my diverse and ever-expanding interests... enjoy! :)


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