Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thing 6 - Reach goal weight (130 lbs)

So this morning I went for my work-out and it went pretty well. I felt like I'd gotten my ass kicked, and I'm pretty tired now, but it definitely was something I needed to get into gear. I was a little uncomfortable working out in the co-ed section of the gym, but not as much as I thought I would be.
She started me off on treadmill warm-up - 5 minutes, which the bulk of it was at a speed of 3.5 & incline of 4.5. It definitely warmed me up and the incline was something new for me, but I can see how it benefits.
For future cardio work-outs I learned that I should do interval training, which would be 45 seconds as hard as you can go, then 1.5 minutes at a steady pace. I did this once or twice before I ended my gym run last year, and it definitely helps burn calories, so I will be incorporating this into my work-outs. To start with, Alana suggested 5 rounds of the intervals, working up to about 35 minutes.
My plan is to follow the outline for workouts that she gave me, but on my own, because I definitely can't afford it right now. Hopefully I can stick with it and I will try and post about it on here because I need to be accountable!
If you're interested in reading about the rest of my workout and my 12- month plan/workout outline, you can check the page out from the link at the top of this page called "Thing 6".

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  1. Woohoo! Go Katy! I'm sure she told you this, but the key to the plank is to make sure your butt isn't sticking out in the air...otherwise it's pretty useless. Sometimes it's hard to recognize that your butt is in the air. Our trainer comes around and pushes ours down hahaha! It's supposed to be for abs, but I found it really strengthened my upper body. We do ours from our hands, not forearms as she's told you too - but both are just as hard - not sure the benefit of either. Good luck!! And like I said before - try body pump!! :)