Monday, May 16, 2011

A Happy Little Update

After slowing down last week, I accomplished several exciting things over the weekend! I ended up going out Saturday night and ended up watching some great live music with friends! Another check on Thing 49 - See 1 live music event a month :) (Bonus points this month, because I ended up seeing a duo that I knew & liked!) I also accomplished Thing 29 - Phone 1 friend or extended family member a week to keep in touch, as I called my Grandma - that was definitely a good feeling - I think she was a little shocked I called! (Oops!) I am going to try and make a concerted effort to call her on the weekends that I don't go home, since I think she gets a little lonely at the nursing home on those days!

I went to my first step class with Laura & I have to say that it was a great work out! I haven't sweat like that before - and I only did about 1/3 of the steps everyone else did!! I hope to continue going, and to keep improving - the women in the class were very encouraging and supportive of my progress, which was a really good feeling. :)

Other exciting things over the weekend: seeing a fashion show with some Hamilton Firefighters, trying mussels for the first time, a surprise visit from my Mom, and finally getting some laundry done - oh, and scoring some much needed sunglasses (only $10!) - now where's the sun?!

Unbelievably, what came next topped all that had come before it, and was the happiest moment of my weekend:

I got on the scale to check my progress from last week's weigh-in, and a number in the 150's showed up! I nearly lost my mind and made Laura weigh herself as well - after 2 scales and much discussion, it was confirmed that I currently weigh 158lbs!!!! Oh happy day!! Turns out I lost about 3lbs from the last time I weighed myself, but I was weighing myself on a scale that was wrong!

Only 30lbs to get to my goal for Thing 6 - Reach goal weight - how exciting!!!!!!

This week's goals: to get up everyday right when the alarm goes off (I did this today!) and to drink 8 glasses of water each day - Up to 1 so far, wish me luck!!


Happy Monday! :)


  1. Nice work!

    I'm trying the "get out of bed when the alarm goes off" Thing this week, too, after I nearly did it by accident last week. If you want, I can call you when my alarm goes off :P

  2. Congrats on the scale numbers :D Always a boost!