Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Are you what you eat?

So, starting about a week and a half ago, I made a concerted effort to improve my eating habits. I focused on increasing my protein intake and decreasing my sugar/carb intake.
Here's a rough outline of what I ate:
(I know the list is long, but bear with me - or skip to the end to read my observations)

Mon May 2
B - Smoothie (Kale/Berries/Coconut Water/Protein powder)
L - Tuna salad w/ red pepper, broccoli, fennel, celery wrapped in lettuce leaves
D - Avocado, hummus & tomato sandwich on spelt bread
Daily Snacks - hard boiled egg, cheese stick, apple

Tues May 3
B - Smoothie (Banana/Berries/Coconut Water/Protein powder/Vegan Coffee Coconut Water "ice cream")
L - Same as Monday
D - Scrambled eggs with veggies, Sauteed Kale with onions and bacon
Daily Snacks - same as Monday
Glass of red wine

Wed May 4
B - Smoothie (Kale/Berries/Coconut water/protein powder/Vegan Coffee Coconut Water "ice cream")
L -  Avocado, hummus and tomato sandwich on spelt bread
D - Chicken breast & sweet potato fries
Snacks - cheese string, salami, hard boiled egg, apple
Glass of red wine

Thurs May 5
B - Same as Wednesday
L - Same as Monday
D - Pork Souvlaki with tzaiziki, veggies, 1 quarter of Greek pita
Snacks - same as Wednesday

Fri May 6
B - Same as Wed
L - Same as Monday
D - All you can eat Sushi - YUM
Snacks - apple, cheese string, salami

Sat May 7
B - Same as Wed
L - hard boiled egg, salami, cheese string
D - Japanese dinner - Veggies, Rice, Tofu, no meat 
Dessert- Cinnabon, Cookies
Glass of white wine

Sun May 8
B - Same as Wed
L - Tim Horton's Ham & Swiss sandwich
D - Steak with sauteed kale/onions/bacon & mixed veggies
Glass of red wine

Mon May 9
B - Same as Wed
L - Steak slices with lettuce wrap & snow peas, red peppers
D - Veggie burger with edamame & mixed veggies
Snacks - Cheese, Salami, Apple, hard boiled egg

Tues May 10
B - Same Smoothie
L - Mac n Cheese - snow peas & red pepper with hummus
D - Popcorn & Nibs (at movie) & diet coke
Snacks - apple, cheese, salami

OK...so...last week I was in the MOST amazing mood. I was happy. I'm not a happy person. It was weird and enjoyable at the same time. I received compliments on my mood, and my brother was a little freaked out when he saw me. (Seriously - does happy come to mind when you think of me?!)

Around Sunday evening, through Monday & up to now, my mood has considerable worsened. This afternoon I thought I was losing my mind. Yes, it was a stressful day and school, and yes, I am working longer days (and earlier mornings) this week, but my mood was BAD. I even woke up grumpy. Sadly, it felt more normal than last week. I didn't LIKE the fact that it felt normal.

So I'm asking all of you, out there in the blogosphere - am I crazy to think that my mood is affected by my diet? Does anyone else out there see a difference in what I ate over the weekend & this week to change my mood? 

I liked feeling weirdly happy and I want it back!!


  1. I think it's a mental and a physical thing. When I go off course of my diet, I am disappointed in myself, and nothing puts me in a worse mood than disappointment! But also physical - giving your body the nutrients it needs gives you more energy!!! What days did you do physical activity? I find that more so than food increases my mood (but the two also work very nicely together!!!) :D

  2. My apologies if that didn't make any sense - I'M EXHAUSTED!!! Heh.

  3. Thanks for the ideas, but I don't think that is what I am feeling. The point of this post was that it feels different from any of those experiences. It's not disappointment over not following my diet that I'm feeling, it's beyond that. Which is why I felt like it was a reaction to adding a certain type of food back into my diet. I walked Sat. Apr. 30, Thurs. May 5, Sat. May 7, & Mon. May 9 - so I don't think it's related to to that either...

  4. I think high sugar and high fat makes us feel awful and tired and like we have to push ourselves just to get through the day. So yeah, I think it could make you not be in the best of moods. If everyday is a struggle, then it sucks monkey balls!
    If you are getting all your nutrients (like Holly says up there), then you have more energy and getting through the day isn't such a chore.
    Your entries lately have been very positive and I think that's great. I think it's a combination of you trying to do something with yourself though (your 101 things) and eating better - not totally the food itself. But honestly, when you eat good, you feel good! So I don't think it's all in your head :)

    No matter what, we're all going to have crappy days/weeks/months though. I hope you can push through and keep with the positive - it's awesome Katy :)