Monday, May 02, 2011

Two Weeks In...

Just a quick little catch-up post to fill you in on how Week 2 went!
I didn't reach my personal goal of finishing Thing 54 - Create a list & actually cross everything off of it when it gets done by April 30, but the date thing was mostly motivation for myself, and I just ran out of time! The updated goal is to have it done by next Sunday May 8, which I think should work - I'll obviously keep you all posted!
When my list is done, I will also simultaneously finish Thing 9 - Get Rid of 101 Things because I've decided that the 101st thing to be "gotten rid of" will be the list. Sure, I want to keep it as a memory, but I'm not going to! (Repeat after me: I will not be a pack rat, I will not be a pack rat...) Thanks to Darryl for the idea of the list being #101. I'm actually at 96 things either thrown out or packed away for goodwill or yard sale, so I'm getting close!!
Last night I unexpectedly started Thing 49 - See 1 live music event a month. I ended up going out to a pub (Vicar's Vice in Stoney Creek - it's in a converted church, and is really interested inside) and there was a live band playing. I have no idea who they were, but they sounded pretty good, the lead singer was cute & I saw some live music - all win-win! Clearly I won't be going to major concerts once a month (or even once a year if Bon Jovi is going on hiatus) but just getting out to hear some live music is my goal. I really enjoy it & hopefully I can mix it in with some patio visits this summer as well :)
A few other quick updates:

Thing 86 - Keep a plant alive for 6 months (unrelated to Thing 64) - The wildflower seeds have been planted, here's hoping they actually grow! 

Thing 87 - Read 20 of the classic novels on my Kobo - Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen has been read. It was fairly enjoyable, and I've moved on to Sense & Sensibility.
Thing 88 - Walk the Bayfront path 30 times - Walked it for the first time in probably 6 years yesterday afternoon - still a little brisk out, but it was a nice, sunny afternoon & I was in good company :) Hopefully we can walk it again soon, if Spring decides to stick around!

My holidays are, sadly, over for a few months. It was a great break, and I feel good about what I accomplished, and I look forward to seeing how I can keep moving forward with my 101 Things as I am working. Hopefully what I have finished so far will help to keep me motivated & moving!!

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